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Join the waitlist to invest in a variety of impact investments spanning affordable housing, renewable energy, and other areas.

Most impact investment platforms limit opportunities to a single type of asset or security. Or, they might focus exclusively on one impact area, such as renewable energy or affordable housing. Citizen Mint aims to provide a broad range of security types across several impact areas, making it a flexible option for impact investors to consider.

Let's take a closer look at Citizen Mint and why you might want to consider investing in the platform.

Who's behind Citizen Mint?

Josh Hile, CFA, CPA, and Marshall Dunford founded Citizen Mint to make it easier for retail investors to participate in private impact investments, aligning their money with their values.

CEO Josh Hile was formerly Director of Investment Strategy & Research at Laird Norton Wealth Management, a $16 billion registered investment advisor in Seattle, WA. Over the years, he recognized two trends: The desire to align investments with values or issue areas and a trend toward democratizing private market opportunities.

Mr. Hile teamed up with CTO Marshall Dunford to develop a platform to offer these investment opportunities to investors. In the past, Mr. Dunford worked as a software engineer across various industries, bringing projects from a concept stage to millions of active users. Together, the team is uniquely qualified to execute its vision to build an impact platform.

How Citizen Mint works

Citizen Mint remains in the development stage, so there aren't many public details about the platform or how it will function. That said, the company's website suggests it will be a platform that offers private market opportunities to everyday investors, enabling them to select from a curated list of private investment opportunities.

The team plans on selecting investments using a five-step due diligence process. Beginning with a broad set of opportunities, the company will conduct an in-depth review of the investment thesis, evaluate the business on qualitative and quantitative factors, and finally, conduct background checks and reference calls to make a decision.

The company plans to offer a variety of opportunities on the platform. For instance, social media videos suggest investors can choose from debt, equity, and hybrid options across several impact areas. These might include cash flow from affordable housing projects or solar arrays to equity interests in startups combatting climate change.

The bottom line

Citizen Mint's platform remains in the development stage but has the potential to offer a diverse set of investment options. As a result, investors may want to sign up for the waitlist to receive an invitation when the platform is open to beta testers or the general public.

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Apr 18, 2024

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  • Join the waitlist to receive an alert when the platform opens to more investors.
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