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Invest your spare change from daily purchases into renewable energy projects.

Many impact investing platforms make it possible to invest in climate solutions, but they can be difficult for novice investors to understand and use. By rounding up purchases and investing your spare change, Climatize makes investing in climate solutions easy – while you earn an attractive return along the way. You can also set up a recurring or a one time investment. 

Let's take a closer look at who's behind Climatize and why you might want to consider the platform to invest in climate action.

Who's behind Climatize?

Will Wiseman and Alba Forns co-founded Climatize after participating in the Climate Strikes in Barcelona in 2019. After looking over a sea of 100,000 people, they felt hopeful and inspired by the interest in combating climate change. But at the same time, they recognized that the event was unlikely to result in substantial efforts to address the climate crisis.

They realized that small contributions from large amounts of people could make all the difference. For instance, if one million protestors were to round up their purchases, they could generate a collective $256 million per year. And if all 7.6 million climate-concerned citizens joined, they could reduce emissions by almost 58 megatons of CO2e annually.

Since starting Climatize, the company has won numerous awards around the world, ranging from the Red Bull Basement Contest in 2021 to being Finalist of the Extreme Tech Challenge XTC, 2022. This year, Will and Alba have both been selected as Young Global Changers by the World Policy Forum. 

How Climatize works

Climatize is a crowdfunding platform that takes a different approach than many others in the climate space. Rather than requiring initial investments of $100 or more, the platform automatically invests anyone's spare change in climate projects, following in the footsteps of Acorns and other personal finance apps that work in the non-climate space.

After signing up and connecting a bank account, you can choose the renewable energy projects you want to invest in based on their profitability, location, or environmental impact. You can also opt to make one-time or recurring investments. You periodically receive repayments and measure your environmental impact. The company believes these investments will provide interest rates of between 5% and 13%, making them a competitive way to earn and make an impact!

As of August 2022, the platform is in beta. The beta is already oversubscribed and for now only 150 lucky ones have access to the app. Later this year, the company will launch the product and open access to the app to those who subscribed to their waitlist. If you want to be one of the first users, make sure you subscribe! If you join their waitlist during the month of September, you will enter a contest with the chance to win up to $500 by referring friends – and they'll even plant a tree per every sign up.

Why invest with Climatize?

Climatize's round-ups create an easy way for anyone to start investing in climate solutions with as little as $0.01. So, if you don't have the initial minimum investment that other platforms require, Climatize offers an excellent way to get started.

In addition, the company's projects go beyond climate action and address other UN development goals. For example, GRID Alternatives aims to build community-powered solutions to advance economic and environmental justice through renewable energy. Meanwhile, Community Services Development Corporation (CSDC) helps low-income families build affordable solar-powered homes.

Of course, Climatize is not an FDIC-insured financial institution, meaning that these investments involve risk. However, the Climatize Team carries out an exhaustive due diligence when selecting the projects to make sure your money is safe. They also provide all the documentation (together with a short summary) so you can carry out your own due diligence! Note: This profile will be updated when there's more public information available.

The bottom line

Climatize offers an easy-to-use app enabling anyone to start investing in a better world today. By rounding up purchases, the company lowers the barrier to investments while providing access to projects beyond renewable energy to address other UN SDGs. 

Those interested in participating follow this link to subscribe to their waitlist. 

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  • Invest as little as $0.01 into renewable energy projects by rounding up transactions.
  • Join the early access waitlist for a chance to win $500 by referring friends.