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Lend as little as $100 to support renewable energy projects in Africa and Asia and earn a 6% APY. is a crowdfunding platform enabling anyone to finance renewable energy projects in Africa and Asia. By lending as little as $100, you can earn a 6% APY and accelerate the adoption of renewable energy. The built-in diversification and monthly interest payments make it a compelling option for renewable energy investors.

Who's behind was co-founded by Premal Shah, Mathew Mazhuvanchery, and Ruchir Punjabi.

Premal Shah co-founded, a platform that raised over $1 billion for microfinance projects across 75 countries. Meanwhile, Mr. Mazhuvanchery helped build and maintain more than $1 billion in energy assets for Aggrego before it was sold to KKR. And Mr. Punjabi founded India's largest independent design agency, Langoor.

The co-founders recognized that the cost of solar was falling below that of conventional electricity. As a result, they sought to build a platform that would identify customers that could save on their electricity costs and spread the upfront cost of solar through loans. And, of course, these loans would be provided by individuals.

Why invest with has built a managed portfolio of renewable energy assets across Africa and Asia – underserved markets. In addition to diversification, loans are secured through the ownership of solar panels, inverters, and commissioning equipment. So, if there's a default, the company can relocate or sell the equipment to recover funds.

Investments on the platform are 10-year promissory notes that offer a 6% APY with monthly repayments. These payments are generated from existing cash flows and projects that are live or near going live. In addition, the company has local partners responsible for developing, managing, and maintaining the assets over time.

For example, a recent project was a 109 kW rooftop solar installation at three car dealerships in India. The customer signed a seven-year power purchase agreement (PPA) that will save the customer $420,822 over 25 years, eliminate 22 tonnes of SO2 emissions, and avoid burning energy equivalent to 1,595 tonnes of coal at a powerplant.

The bottom line provides an easy way for anyone to invest in renewable energy using a fixed-interest promissory note. With its 6% APY and monthly payments, the securities offer an excellent return and help offset emissions in markets underserved by conventional financial institutions and other large solar providers.

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Apr 19, 2024

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  • Earn up to 6% APY lending $100 or more toward clean energy in Africa and Asia.
  • The first $100 invested in guaranteed thanks to a generous backer.